Business Development Tips: Managing Your Manpower

Let’s face the fact that business isn’t all about money at all especially if you are running multiple businesses. You definitely need to have manpower to help you make things easy. You need to have supervisors, managers, and every possible person that will contribute to the growth of your business.

As a business development director (or whatever you call it) being wise is a must because setting things up in a wrong track will not only lead to losing your people but also your business. Here are some good tips on how to manage your manpower in running a business:

1. Skills – It’s a part of reality that not all bachelor’s degree holders have the right skills to fit the requirements set in a certain job. That’s why we often see a medical course graduate who work as a service crew in a fast food chain or stuffs like that.

It’s important to conduct some test for a start to measure how knowledgeable your prospect staff is before sending him/her out to the field. This is to ensure that you are choosing the right person to take care of your business’ important assets as possible.

2. Work Ethic – Having a skilled staff is good. But having a well-mannered one is worth more than anything. A little time delay and you are risking lots of money to slip away. Are your employees don’t come to work on time? Are they making their whole day of work a lot of sense? These questions will help you determine the behavior of your employees. Remember that you can always have better ones if ever you fired one of your staffs because of bad work ethics.

Take a closer look of this one especially if you are just starting with your business. There are thousands of successful businesses out there that have dedicated employees, and that proved that they can bring your business to the pinnacle of success.

3. Look for Intention – Whenever your staffs make mistakes, don’t immediately focus on what had happened. Always stop and think what is the intention of that staff in making that mistake. This will give you a smart idea on how to handle conflicts. Why is this important? All companies have gone through conflicts made by their employees and only few that make this move. Most of those ended up firing staffs immediately. This is not fair in the part of your employee.

Ask yourself a question: “Is he/she stupid enough to make this shit to ruin my company? Or it’s just a mere accident or unnoticed irresponsibility?” That will give you and your staff a fair game in judging what will be the consequence of his/her mistake. Take a closer look to the mistake your staff has made and ask that question.

4. Make a fair judgement – Just like what I said on no. 3, a big part of making your business to grow is not to jump over the wagon immediately and make unfair judgements. What’s done is done. And firing an employee because he did not spell the word “business” properly is not fair.

You will end up losing your most valuable asset (manpower) in your business with this kind of attitude. Again, think carefully. It’s not bad to make your staffs pay for their mistakes, what’s not good is to make them pay more than they deserved.

5. Give them reasons to stay with your business – Have them realize that they have ventured in a right place. We all know the feeling of having a good boss, and that’s enough for us to stay in a company. In the part of the owner, you are the boss, and your employees are already aware of that. Don’t act like a fool to make them realize again that you are their superior.

Just setting the line between being a boss and employee is enough. Don’t use your authority too much or else everything will just fall apart and one day you will just see yourself working alone just like the old days. We are also aware of some scenarios where we work only if our boss is watching us, and if the cat is gone, rats play hide and seek. There must be something wrong with that and you as the owner has the biggest responsibility to make them happy whenever they see you working with them.