How Powerful is Social SEO in our Decision Making?

In 2006, Rohit Bhargava wrote the five rules of Social Media Optimization which many Internet marketers today say is the foundation of SMO. These days, more than 1/3 of the world’s population is on the Internet and 1.4 Billion people are on social media. Online marketing experts believe that SEO “will be left behind” but(…)

Must Know: The Importance of Social Media for Start-ups

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business today. From e-commerce to marketing, it made these tasks easier for people around the world. In recent years, the rise of social media has paved the way for a faster and more direct way of communication and transaction. Social media now exerts tremendous influence over the(…)

Business Investment: Wrong Moves in Hooking the Big Fish

Have you ever gone fishing? Or at least have an idea on how fishing works? I’d like to address this example to business matter because as I can see, most novice business investors fall because of one reason – Using the wrong fishing rod in catching fish. If you are familiar with Jeremy Wade, or(…)

Business Development Tips: Managing Your Manpower

Let’s face the fact that business isn’t all about money at all especially if you are running multiple businesses. You definitely need to have manpower to help you make things easy. You need to have supervisors, managers, and every possible person that will contribute to the growth of your business. As a business development director(…)

Business Strategy Advice from World’s Billionaires

In business world, there are many advice that we could hear from different entrepreneurs and business personalities. Or we hear lots of guides from those aspiring personalities in this field. However there are only few who really put their advice into action leading them to have unfathomable wealth and popularity. Some of them are throned(…)

Tenant Screening: Finding Your Real Clients

Tenant screening is considered as one of the most vital parts in property or house rental business because it is the process where you can determine if your prospective tenant really has the capability of paying rental fees and could comply to your lease or rental agreement. This will also be the defining point if(…)

Why Branding is a Necessity?

Business today is not only referring to a certain product, and service that a company is offering. It’s now more of a branding or name exposure. And it’s highly unlikely that you make a business name known if there is no integrity towards services, products, sheer popularity or for leadership. In business world, first impression(…)

Tips for Dealing With Angry Customers Online

It’s every small business owner’s worst nightmare – an irate customer who has gone public and put their grievances out on the Internet for all your other customers to see. It takes years to build a reputation but, and particularly in this global, digital age, just seconds to destroy one. So how do you deal(…)

Tips on Gaining Wealth

A lot of people say that to become a rich man is not an easy task. However, this does not mean that there is no way that allows you to become rich. Here are 24 methods on how to become rich from the “Big Orange News”! 1. Do what you are really interested in –(…)

Nestle – From Humble Beginnings to a Global Brand

Milo, Maggi face, and Nescafe are some familiar names that have been around for a really long time in our lives. They are so close to us that in one way or another, we are dependent on them, thanks to their mother company, Nestle. We grew up with Nestle as part of our lives, and(…)